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An End for a New Beginning

An end to celebrate, a journey to look ahead.
Years passed but it only seems yesterday.

Rare smiles, unfamiliar faces, clue less thought,
thrilled heart had blown up.
We were like a banca on a sea.
A time we said HI! And here’s we’re about to say

For almost 4 years, we’ve been in a room- a second home.
Trained, punished pampered, motivated and nourished
with love and lessons.

Life could be like the battering restlessness of the
sea that could insist a tidal fury upon
the beach, but our beloved teachers embraced us

They have been our heroes.
The foundation of love, charity and knowledge,
our starlight, the scent of wild champacas and the
melody of the rain.

Sad it could end but glad to find more lights on our way.
A month before the big day, tears and laughter were flowing.
Those hands who held us before will soon free us with
restraining hands

Nor yet but tears that silently burst.
They will set us free like water in the strands
That come, and goes and tarries as we choose
A fact to celebrate and to grief.

Set us adrift on the stage tonight.
Tonight when the gray winds blow on a blue sky.
We will get the award we worked hard for 4 years
And looked back on our proud parents and teachers

All prayers have been heard.
A day we shall not forget and we shall come to
memories all over again.
Looking back on those hardships and triumphs, we see
tears and joys on our loved one’s eyes.

At long last!! Glass wines cheering up on the lights.
We, the students, know that Thank you is not enough
because you’ve devoted life.
First we want to give our dearest gratitude toward
God, for this remarkable opportunity to be with our
parents, teachers, friends and co-graduates.

Things we’ve done for you were not enough for all
that you’ve shared to us.
You let us wake up in a bright morning and dream a
vision that would transform the course of this life.

Our very thanks to our Alma Mater.
We were blind before now we can see.
We can look forward to our future life ‘cause we
stubbed your words on out hearts, minds, souls and

To our parents, only a vow we could make. A vow to
be a better person and a loving child to you.

Our knowledge would be utilized in a more fruitful
endeavor like the one our every master wished for.
This is just an end for a new beginning!!



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