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Looc Occidental Mindoro


     Looc was a small village during Spanish time and became part of the
Municipality of Lubang on January 4, 1905. It was separated from Lubang and became a small town under Republic Act No. 1280 of the Philippine Commission in 1916.

       The Municipality of Looc has a total land area of 13,230 hectares located on the northern most part of the province of Occidental Mindoro within the Lubang Island. It is about 90 kilometers West of Batangas City and 70 kilometers Northwest of Mamburao and lies 13 40 longitude and 12020N latitude.

Hon. Ariel A. Telebrico

Hon. Carlito V. Juano
Vice Mayor 

Sanguniang Bayan

Hon. Bernardo V, Canals 
Hon. Jesus Tividad, Jr. 
Hon. Danilo L. Dizon 
Hon. Joselito L. Tristan 
Hon. Senecio C. De Lemos 
Hon. Wilmer T. Valles

Hon. Rodrigo L. Vidal
Hon. Estelita D. Aguilar 
Hon. Reynaldo V. Trambulo (ABC Pres)
Hon. Jayson Vidal (SK Pres)

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