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  Lubang Occidental Mindoro


      The town of Lubang is the oldest Malay settlement in Western Mindoro. The Malays poured in great number in this island and found the natives to have been jointly eating in a family size wooden bowl known as “Lupang” from which Lubang Island was named after. The coming of Malay had enriched the culture of the natives. From then, the natives learned not only a system of government but also adopted better ways of living. They learned to wave cloth, introduced pottery and manufactured weapons. From the Chinese traders, the natives learned how to make gunpowder, thus the Spaniards found them already equipped with cannons. From the local gold dust, jewelries such as rings, bracelets and necklaces were made.
      When Miguel Lopez de Legaspi, the first Spanish Governor General conquered Cebu, he sent exploration to Luzon. It was May 8, 1570, when Spanish Governor General sent Martin de Goite, accompanied by Juan Salcedo, to explored Western Mindoro touching the island of Iling. Iling is an island barangay of San Jose Occidental Mindoro. From Iling, Salcedo sailed north to Mamburao wherein he encountered a naval battle with Mohammedan pirates. De Goite and his men proceeded to Lubang and captured this island.
     A year later, in 1571, Legaspi visited and brought the inhabitants under the Spanish rules imposing royal tributes upon the natives. Since then, the Spanish settlements were organized.
    Lubang was annexed to Mindoro proper in 1574 as a part of the newly created corrigamiento with Bonbon (Batangas). Later it became a part of Cavite. And because of its attachment to Cavite, Lubang was participated in the uprising against the Spanish in 1896. Then it produced revolutionary leaders in the person of Emilio Cajayon and Esteban Quijano (1897-1898). They organized a revolutionary Junta with Brigido Cajayon as head. Fructuso Zubiri and Balbino Tameata assisted him. During the Filipino American war in 1900-1901, the American organized military government with Toribio Aguilar as the leader.
       With the passage of Act No. 423 on June 23, 1902, Lubang was attached from Cavite and became a part of Marinduque. But after five (5) months, it became a part of Mindoro with the passage of Act No.500 on November 10, 1902.
       Under Act No. 1280 of the Philippine Commission on June 4, 1905, Lubang was made a separate town with Tilik as seat of government. Looc was made a separate town in 1916.

Republic of the Philippines
Province of Occidental Mindoro
Municipality of

Juan M. Sanchez
Municipal Mayor 

Ma. Blanca A. Magpantay
Mun. Vice Mayor 

Sangguniang Bayan Members

Edgardo L. Morales
Felix M. Bleza

Dante I. Alegre
Pedro S. Rodrigo
Eugenio Guimba
Florencito T. Tangi
Bernard Tesalona
Pres. Ass’n. of Brgy. Capt.     Wilbert Daulat
Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman     Pascasio Tejoso, Jr


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