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  Pasyal Tayo

Mt. Iglit National Park in Calintaan is a sanctuary for the tamaraw, a wild animal found nowhere else in the world. The tamaraw resembles the carabao or water buffalo to wildlife enthusuasts.
    Mamburao is a tranquil town with fine beaches. The same have Tayamaan Beach.
    Apo Reef National Park in Sablayan between Mamburao and San Jose is acclaimed as the diving mecca of the Philippines. It is 34 km atoll reef with a narrow channel dividing it into two lagoons. The park inludes the bird-populated islands of Binantgaan and Cajos del Bajo.
    Presing Park, also in Sablayan, is a five hectare park overlooking the sea; in the middle of the park is a 15th century cannon belived to have been used against Moro pirates in the early day. Pandan Grande Island of Sablayan, has a white sand beach.
    The major attractions of the industrial town of San Jose are its three offshore islands. Ambulong Island is a 3000 hectare island with fine beaches, cliffs and abundant coral formations. Ilin Island has a village of shell divers, being abundant in shells and coral reefs. White Island has a long powdery beach where buried turtle eggs are occasionally found.
    Lubang Island in the northern part of the province became famous as the hiding of Hiroo Onoda, a Japanese world war II straggler found there in 1974.
On the western portion of the island is Tagbac, which more than five kilometer of gradually sloping golden-hued sandy beach lined with coconut trees. Hulagaan Falls in the southeast is a series of falls leading to a stony shore.

    Mabil Island off the northeastern coast of Lubang is a favorite fishing ground for sportsmen who croass the narrow channel from Nasugbu, Batangas.
    Cabra Island, northwest of Lubang, is another favorite fishing ground of laocal and foreign anglers; it used to be a popular pilgrimage site because of reported apparitions of the Blessed Virgin.

    Calawagan Resort in Paluan. Have the cleanest bodies of water in the Philippines. It is mountain resort. There's a hanging bridge, tree house, training center, cottages, mini zoo and if your hobbies is mountain climbing, you can visit 15 minutes pool and  mainit (hot spring).

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